Responsible Property Investing

"Responsible Property Investing is a strategic approach that considers the environmental impact and social implications of real estate investments and operations, and hinges on the principles of sound and transparent governance. Being proactive in this regard allows us to better address risk and enhance asset value over the long-term." – Gary Whitelaw, CEO, Bentall Kennedy

Responsible Property Investing

Bentall Kennedy's market-leading, comprehensive and adaptable approach to Responsible Property Investing (RPI) integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into real estate investment management. We believe that RPI enhances our performance as a fiduciary and strengthens our ability to add value to our clients' assets.

The principles of RPI are firmly embedded in our business practices and form a central part of our investment strategy. They are also fundamental to ongoing asset and property management, as well as client reporting.

Our focus on RPI is supported by dedicated senior staff and internal resources in Canada and the US, and a corporate culture of conservation and sustainability.

Our commitment to addressing real estate's environmental and social impacts is reflected in the strategic relationships we establish with clients, customers and service providers, and the partnerships we forge in the communities where we do business.

To learn more about our approach to RPI and why it is Simply Better Business, visit our Corporate Responsibility website.

Corporate Responsibility

Visit our Corporate Responsibility website to learn more about our efforts in RPI and why we think it is simply better business.

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Responsible Contractors and Suppliers

Bentall Kennedy engages contractors who pay fair wages and benefits, promote fair working arrangements and provide appropriate training for workers. Our corporate Responsible Contracting Policy embodies the values we expect from service providers at the properties we develop and manage, and supports our objective to foster economic health and growth in the communities where we do business. We believe that using responsible contractors results in better constructed and maintained buildings that are more desirable to tenants.