Our market-leading research capability is core to our value proposition to our clients.

Bentall Kennedy's fiduciary performance is enhanced by proprietary, comprehensive and forward-looking research. Credible, fact-based research produces perspectives and points of view that in turn drive our ability to offer fresh insights to our clients. These insights provide a critical foundation for the development, interactively with our clients, of portfolio strategies that produce sustainable, long-term results.

To be effective, all research must begin by defining the question or questions that need to be answered, and identifying the sources that will best provide focussed data for targeted fact finding. Rigorous analysis and synthesis of the facts into testable hypotheses, insights and viewpoints ensures that the research process not only delivers meaningful observations, but also addresses implications.

Our research occurs at multiple levels. The study of global macroeconomic trends provides perspective on the forces driving the world economy, which is extended through detailed analysis of macroeconomics in the countries in which we operate. Research is further extended to encompass capital and property markets, as well as trends affecting real estate, including demographics, local/regional patterns and cyclical events.

Our in-depth understanding of the issues that affect our clients translates to portfolio strategies that are informed by facts, disciplined and oriented to specific portfolio results. At the same time, our comprehensive and future-oriented market view enables us to target property types and markets that offer the most potential for growth and value appreciation.

Bentall Kennedy's research group is headed by Douglas Poutasse, Executive Vice President, Head of Strategy and Research, with Carl Gomez, Senior Vice President, Chief Economist, heading up our Canadian research operations.

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